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This kind of intelligence is made possible when combining cutting edge marketing and data sciences with traditional performance analytics. Our analytics team is comprised of storytellers, detectives, and activists, tasked with surfacing the most relevant and important stories told by the numbers, creating actionable insights that give brands the competitive edge.


Performance Analytics

Advanced Marketing Sciences


Business Intelligence



We employ a four-stage approach to analyzing metrics, delivering a holistic view of marketing performance across all channels. By focusing on a combination of actionable insights and data visualizations we can ensure consistent interpretation and clearly identify next steps to enhance marketing performance. This enables the prioritization of accurate channel attribution to ensure dollars are being invested strategically and efficiently.


Solution Design




Every effort begins with an assessment of the challenge to ensure that the agency and key stakeholders are aligned with regards to objectives and definitions of program success.

Our team audits the technical infrastructure and available data to establish a foundation for the design phase.

Solution Design

Every effort has a customized solution that aligns with our clients’ business objectives. Based on what we learn in the Discovery phase, our team will leverage our deep bench of talent to develop an analytics roadmap that begins with data collection and aggregation to the development of actionable insights.

The roadmap often includes multiple analytics approaches from across all four of our service categories (performance analytics, marketing sciences, research, and business intelligence).


The rubber hits the road after finalizing the solution design. We aggregate data from multiple sources to create an integrated dataset for analysis.

Our team of data analysts, statisticians, and social scientists work together to rigorously apply the appropriate analytics methodologies and generate value from seemingly disparate data points, even with imperfect data.


We don’t toss data over the wall to our clients. That’s not value. Value is defined as actionable insights that align with business objectives to move our clients’ business.

We define success as delivering recommended actions to optimize campaigns and outputs that can be interpreted by any marketer.



Hasbro, one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, utilizes a robust media mix to market products across dozens of brands.

While spend across digital channels (brand sites, media, content development) was on the rise, our client wanted a better understanding of a toy shopper’s journey from initial research to conversion, specifically:

1. Better understand a toy shopper’s browsing habits and general browsing and specific toy research.

2. Identify and quantify the impact of site engagements that correlate with conversion events.

3. Quantify the impact digital channels have on conversion events and POS.

In response to Hasbro’s request AMP analyzed the business questions and recommend the following solutions to address the goals Hasbro has defined.

2. High Value Behavior Analysis: Statistical modeling of website data captured via Adobe Analytics, to qualify and quantify the relationship of specific content on Hasbro websites to desired actions.


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